Admission Policy

How To Apply

Purchase the admission package for 15,000 frs from:
– Secretariat, HIBMAT, Buea – Tel: 677 886 820
- Buea P & T Cooperative Credit Union

Ensure all sections are completed and that the declaration is signed and dated. Forward your completed form to HIBMAT Secretariat Buea.

Admissions Requirement

Ensure all sections are completed and that the declaration is signed and dated. Forward your completed form to HIBMAT Secretariat Buea.

For a new student

  1. An application fee of 15.000 F CFA
  2. A Certified Copy of Birth Certificate
  3. A Certified Copy of ‘A’ Levels or BACC or its equivalent
  4. Photocopy of N.I.C.
  5. 4 Colored Passport Size Photographs

Entry Requirement

At least four O/L plus two A/L excluding Religious Studies. Equivalents recognised by the Ministry of Higher Education are allowed.

Admission into the final year (i.e. level 400) for HND/HPD holders in a relevant subject . No direct entry for ‘A’ Levels HOLDERS

Entry Requirement for Bachelors

Academic transcripts for the HND/HPD course from an institution of Higher learning duely approved by the Ministry of Higher Education(MINESUP).

– Copy of HND Attestation.

Successful applicants will receive a “letter of offer” and an acceptance document.

To accept an offer, applicants must complete the acceptance documents and attach an original cash payment receipt of 20,000 frs ( being registration fee for the degree program) paid into:

– ECOBANK Buea – A/C No.0220132622590901
– Buea P & T Cooperative Credit Union. - A/C No. 371000001214
– UNICS Plc - A/C No. 37130504728018

However, payment can be effected at any of the branches in the country.

Campus Life


The first one week in school will be an orientation week. For one week, all freshmen will undergo orientation before they are given their course forms. This will be done according to Departments. The time-table and schedule on how this will be done will be published by the Academic Dean of studies.

Production of School I.D Cards

After course forms must have been given to students, the school administration will indicate to all freshmen to get ready for I.D Card production. This can be done just when classes must have begun. Only those who have registered, paid complete first Installment Fees will be given a school I.D Card.

Production of School T-Shirts

School T-Shirts will equally be given to all newly admitted freshmen. Freshmen donot need to pay for School T-shirts. It is given by the school administration, free of charge. However, only those who have registered, paid complete first Installment Fees will be given a school T-Shirt.

Health Insurance Benefits

All registered students of HIBMAT can benefit from a health insurance policy. The school ensures that students of HIBMAT who are eligible be insured at the beginning of the academic year. The Health insurance policy is as follows:

Modalities of Change of Department

Students who wish to change from one department to another may do so upon completion of the form designed for that purpose.The time limit within which a student can change from one department to another is two(2) weeks, from the day of start of classes and matriculation. Students who wish to transfer from one department to another must fulfill the requirement for entry into the new department.

Class Schedule

Timetables are flexible,drawn by the Academic Dean/Registrar/Director and provide the students with some leisure hours (1 hour Break). Students at every department have a day-off in the course of the week. Students have a minimum of six work hours a day, and a maximum of 12 . Lectures are held in three hours shifts, commencing at 7:30a.m. Classes may drag on into the night, and or include weekends, depending on the course needs.

Training Strategy

Graduates & trainees are equipped with the best values necessary to revolutionize and transform the economy of the nation and will leave with a rich catalog including: Creativity, Ingenuity,Academic Excellence Broad Knowledge Base, Knowledge Engineering, Technology Savvy

Training Value Added

‘A School for Professionals’. Broad Knowledge Base,Complexity And Abstraction, Design Abilities,Professionalism Problem-Solving Tools, Entrepreneurship

Study Modes

Regular Option: Standard University Academic Calendar Evening Option: Classes Hold After Working Hours (Evening Session) Work Study Option: Study while Working. Evening Session.

Services & Support

Rewards and Awards

Emphasis is laid on Academic Excellence. Students who manifest exceptional academic abilities would benefit from reward schemes to be instituted by the Higher Institute. Rewards and awards would be two-fold: Grants: Students benefit from financial or material awards.

Internship Placement

At the end of the first year, i.e. end of the second semester, first year students are placed on internship with some of the schools’ partner companies. The student is expected to spend to two(2) to three(3) months in the company, at the end of which the student will have to produce an internship report and an internship attestation. The report will be defended by the student in the presence of a jury, and the internship attestation will be used to register the student the Higher National Diploma (HND) examination at the ministry of Higher Education in Yaoundé.

Project Sponsorship

Students with the ‘Best Business Idea (BBI), will receive project finance and professional business development consultancy. This will enable the trainees and their enterprises to grow.


The Higher Institute assumes partial or full sponsorship of the student’s). The Higher Institute through its partnership scheme with other national and international universities or higher institutions of learning would recommend and finance the studies of deserving graduating students whose performances at the Higher National Diploma (HND) examination is best.

Job Placement

The best graduating trainees would be recommended to the corporate world, especially partner institutions for recruitment. They will further be co-opted to further their studies and deliver lectures at the Higher Institute upon completion